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You Won't Believe What Happened To The Wednesday Addams Web Series And Its Porn Parody

Adult Wednesday Addams was removed from YouTube, but the porn parody is still up. That makes sense.

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While browsing YouTube, you may have come across a wonderful web series called Adult Wednesday Addams.

Melissa Hunter

The series starred writer/creator Melissa Hunter as a grown-up Wednesday from The Addams Family and tackled all kinds of issues facing women, such as catcalling, from Wednesday's dark perspective.

Sadly, the entire series was pulled from YouTube after it was flagged over a copyright claim.

Melissa Hunter

"I received a letter from the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation asking me to remove the videos," Hunter told Buzzfeed. "We replied, because I was always under the impression that this was protected under fair use. But it's really up to the copyright holder whether to enforce it or not."

Here's the big twist: A porn parody titled Very Adult Wednesday Addams is still online.

Burning Angel

The porn parody even uses dialogue — and a few shots — lifted straight from Hunter's web series, yet it hasn't been pulled down due to copyright claims.

"It is funny, the irony of it, that a porn company is protected, like ironclad," Hunter said. "And Adult Wednesday Addams is all over YouTube, and that's not being enforced at all, like the other people who are uploading it and putting advertising on it."

Despite an outpouring of support from fans, Hunter says that the future doesn't look too bright for Adult Wednesday Addams.

Melissa Hunter

"The problem with fair use is a lot of it is a gray area," Hunter said. "I have the right to counter-claim the videos and get them back up, and YouTube would probably do that, but the problem is that escalates the issue and could lead to a lawsuit. I'm such a fan, and that's why I made this series in the first place, because I think Wednesday Addams is such a fun, vibrant hero, especially for women. But as of now, the series is unfortunately done."