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    This Is What It's Like To Facebook-Stalk Your Date

    In online dating, it's hunt or be hunted.

    If you've ever been on an online date, chances are this video will hit you with some hard truths:

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    Titled "The Stalking Dead," the sketch from filmmakers Kimmy Foskett and Liza Renzulli of CHIX Productions hilariously sums up what it's like to social-media-stalk your date and the horrors you find when you do.

    There's that feeling when you see a suspicious person in their profile pic...

    But their Facebook is on lock, so you have to get creative with Venmo.


    Foskett and Renzulli incorporated The Walking Dead in part because β€” let's face it β€” online dating is kind of terrifying.

    "We made the video because online dating can feel a little post-apocalyptic," Foskett told BuzzFeed. "Unless you have mutual friends to vet, you're pretty much agreeing to spend time alone with a stranger you've swiped through a couple pictures of. How can you not do some detective work on the internet?"

    "We think this rings true for people because you do actually feel a like a zombie when you go down the stalking rabbit hole," Foskett added.

    "Time flies by," she said. "You can't stop yourself. It's dark. And everyone does it. "

    But hopefully by the end of it, you're like:


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