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    This Trailer For Joel McHale's "Emoji Movie" Is Both Hilarious And Terrifying

    I always knew the Poop Emoji was evil.

    Joel McHale has landed the role of a lifetime: playing the smiley emoji in The Emoji Movie.

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    The trailer is fake, of course, and was created by The Soup.

    E! / Via

    Not gonna lie, McHale looks a little terrifying as the Smiley Emoji.

    E! / Via

    But the rest of his emoji family seems nice.

    E! / Via

    That includes Salsa Dancer Emoji, Dancing Bunny Girls Emoji, and Man With Turban Emoji.

    The cast also features Patrick Warburton as the Poop Emoji, who as it turns out is an evil son of a bitch.

    E! / Via

    You can catch the sketch on tonight's episode of The Soup, but we're kinda hoping this thing makes it to theaters.

    E! / Via

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