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    "Rick And Morty" Just Made The Trippiest Fucking Music Video You've Ever Seen

    Ever wonder what the multiverse looks like on an acid trip?

    Maybe you know about Rick and Morty, one of the funniest shows on television. If you don't, you should watch it.

    Cartoon Network / Adult Swim

    It's about an alcoholic super genius and his awkward grandson as they go on really fucked-up adventures through space and time. And it's great. The first two seasons are on Hulu, and the third season had an early premiere back in April.

    We still have a couple of weeks until the next new episode, but in the meantime, Adult Swim and Titmouse released this insanely trippy Rick and Morty video.

    View this video on YouTube

    It all starts when Morty drops a vial of (literal) acid.

    From there, we're treated to a whole bunch of different, increasingly trippy animation styles, including live-action...

    ...A bit that looks a lot like Superjail or China, IL...

    ...Some old-timey Steamboat Willie...

    ...And whatever the heck this is.

    It's insane and weird and totally awesome.

    Cartoon Network

    The (rest of the) third season of Rick and Morty starts airing on July 30 on Cartoon Network.

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