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This Little Detail In "Harry Potter" May Have Warned Us About Dumbledore's Death

Did Professor Trelawney get another prophecy right?

So this lady right here — Professor Trelawney, taught Divination and whatnot — made some prophecies and stuff.

A clever Harry Potter fan has come up with a theory that would make one more of Trelawney's prophecies correct.

It points out a moment in Prisoner of Azkaban (the book, not the movie) where Trelawney refuses to sit with 12 others at dinner, because it's a bad omen.

There's no mention in the text that Ron had Scabbers with him at that moment. However, he did have the rat in his pocket at other key times that year, so it's a definite possibility.

This isn't the only time this happens in the books, either: In Order of the Phoenix, Sirius is the first to stand up from a table of 13.

After Alastor Moody's death, Remus is the first to stand up in the Weasleys' living room...where 13 people are sitting.

Very clever. Very clever indeed.