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Here Are Some Ingenious Ways To Deal With Creepers Asking For Your Number

Is a creeper relentlessly bothering you? Give him Groot's phone number and send him on his way.

Creepers are an unfortunate fact of life.


You're at a bar, you're having fun with your friends, but there's just this one person who will not leave you alone.

So, what's the best way to deal with creepers and make them go away?

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Politely rejecting them almost never helps, and you sure as heck don't want to give them your actual phone number.

Thanks to this handy list of fake phone numbers, you have the perfect secret weapon to deal with creepers.

Calling any of these numbers will direct your creeper to various recordings and voicemails.

There's one that just plays a recording of Groot.

Marvel Studios

Rejection is much easier to take when it comes from a lovable tree.

There's another one that sends callers to a Seattle radio station's "Loser Line," where if they leave a message it might be played on air.


This should be reserved for only the most egregious of creepers.

Or, for the ultimate troll, give out this number: 985-655-2500.

RCA Records

Yep, it's a Rick Roll.

Enjoy your (hopefully) creeperless evening!

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