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    Someone Calculated How Much Money Jim Spent Pranking Dwight On "The Office" And It's Crazy

    It costs a lot of money to have a custom suit made out of Velcro.

    As any fan of The Office knows, Jim Halpert is a master of pranks.


    But have you ever wondered just how Jim pulled all those pranks off, and how much money he spent?


    Well, one industrious redditor did the math and came up with a sum. Many of Jim's pranks were actually done for free, but a number of them had to have cost him at least a few bucks. You can check out a spreadsheet of all of the pranks here.

    Some were very cheap, like the old "stapler in Jell-O" prank.


    One packet of instant Jell-O costs about $1.09, so as long as Jim didn't have to buy Dwight a replacement, this was a very low-cost prank.

    Others were a little pricier, like when he rented a tux to mock Dwight's dress code.


    A tux rental goes for about $130 on average, according to the spreadsheet.

    The most expensive prank of all was this one, in which Jim and Pam learned Morse code.


    Jim claims that they "went and got a nanny and went out and took a class" to pull this one off, meaning they didn't learn for free on the internet. The spreadsheet estimates the cost of this prank to be $3,120.

    All told, this redditor estimates the cost of all of Jim's pranks to total a whopping $5,590.95.


    That's an average of about $62.82 per prank, even when you factor in the free ones.

    However, that sum is a very low estimate, as some pranks that are listed as free on the spreadsheet probably cost something.


    For example, Jim's "hotel murder scene" prank could have cost him a lot in damages charged by the hotel if he couldn't clean up the markings on the wall.

    The spreadsheet also called this prank free, assuming that Jim and Pam had done the alterations. However, Jim notes that he custom-ordered the suit.

    A custom suit usually starts around $700, which would make this Jim's third most expensive prank.

    It's also important to note that for most of the show, Jim was in sales. That means that any company time he spent pranking could mean he missed out on commissions.


    This wrapping paper prank had to be incredibly time-consuming. If Jim worked on it during office hours, or even spent time doing it overnight and missed sleep, making him groggy during the workday, he might have lost sales.

    Considering all of that, it's likely that the true cost of Jim's pranks over nine seasons is at least $7,000 to $10,000, and potentially even higher.


    Office supply sales reps tend to make about 10% commission on their sales. With all the time Jim spent goofing off, that could add up quickly.

    Sorry, Cece, your college fund might have to wait.


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