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    This Artist Drew The "Incredibles" Kids As Adults And It's So Cool

    It's like if the Incredibles were in the Dark Knight universe.

    After 14 long years, fans of The Incredibles finally got a fantastic sequel, which is now breaking box office records.

    Well, just in case we have to wait another decade or two for Incredibles 3, Australian concept artist Warrick Wong has given us a peek into the super-family's possible future...and it's a dark one.

    Wong shared a series of designs that imagine the Parr family many years into the future. Here's Dash as a teenager, at which point Wong hopes his powers have gotten him to achieve light speed and time travel.

    "I was a huge fan of the first Incredibles, especially Jack-Jack!" Wong told BuzzFeed. "I loved how he had multiple powers which was what led me to think, what would he look like if he grew up and learned to control and harness those powers?"

    Wong imagines Violet as a super badass "like Sarah Conner," who leads her brothers as a sort of parental figure after the death of their parents(!!).

    (But don't worry, he drew Mr. Incredible too.)

    Wong doesn't have any plans to continue his Incredibles series at the moment, since he has other projects to focus on. But he has plenty more awesome art to check out, including his takes on Game of Thrones, Marvel/DC comics, and more.

    You can check out more of Wong's art on his Instagram, or support him on Patreon.