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    This Hilarious Video Is For Every Woman Who's Been Told To Smile

    "Now you can explain to me all the things I don't understand about Game of Thrones!"

    If you're a woman and you've ever had a man tell you to smile, this hilarious video is for you:

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    The sketch imagines a prescription drug that helps women smile and "temporarily relieve anger with the patriarchy".

    Considering Hillary Clinton's recent Humans of New York photo about seeming "walled off," this video couldn't have come at a better time. Notice that subtle Clinton nod with the six-pointed star on the box?

    Writer/producer Jen McCartney told BuzzFeed why she, along with sketch group Nightpantz, tackled this issue.

    "A lot of men still don't understand why women get annoyed when men tell them to smile, but to me it leads into the idea that there are certain ways women should behave in this world," McCartney said.

    "When women aren't conforming to those ways, I think a lot of people subconsciously think something is wrong or that they need to fix the situation. I wanted to cover being asked to smile in three ways in the sketch: at work, on the street, and in your social life," she said.

    Of course, if the pills don't work, you can always try the Broad City method:

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