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This Guy Who Cosplays As Deadpool Every Year Is Almost As Funny As Ryan Reynolds

All hail D Piddy.

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This is cosplayer D Piddy. He goes to conventions every year dressed as Deadpool and makes videos. Here's why he's great:

He tries to emulate Superman.

He gets how escalators work.

He always messes with the protesters.

He has adorable meet cutes with Cyclops.

He has a thing for Power Girl.

Oh, and there was that time he met Jon Snow.

He's clearly an anime fan.

He knows how to use a lightsaber.

One time he found a Diglett.

And a Magikarp.

And Waldo!

He's pretty good at arm wrestling.

And being a princess from Mushroom Kingdoom.

He always messes with Spider-Man. Always.

He tried to lift Thor's hammer once. It didn't work.

Apparently he has beef with the Power Rangers.

And Wolverine.

But in the end, he's no match for Tiny Deadpool.

You can check out more of D Piddy's funny videos on his YouTube channel.

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