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This "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theory Says Jaime Lannister Is Actually The Hero

Could Jaime end up being the hero of the story?

Now that Melisandre knows Stannis Baratheon was definitely not the Prince That Was Promised, Game of Thrones fans are trying to guess who it will be.


The prevailing theories are that either Jon Snow or Daenerys is the Prince That Was Promised, while some think Tyrion has a shot.


But a new theory suggests that the prophesied prince might actually be none other than Jaime Lannister, shover of small children.


Multiple theories on Reddit, such as the ones from users rightslip and rowowooewooeoeowowoe, make a strong case for Jaime based on predictions for the season finale.

To recap the prophecy, the hero Azor Ahai will be reborn as the Prince That Was Promised, who will have the following traits:

• The blood of the dragon

• Born amidst smoke and salt

• Born beneath a bleeding star

• Will wake dragons out of stone

• Will draw Lightbringer from the flames

• Will possibly have to make a sacrifice

How does all of that potentially apply to Jaime? Let's take a look:

Cersei seems to be getting ready to burn King's Landing with wildfire. What if Jaime has to stop her?


Imagine this scenario: Cersei ignites the wildfire, burning parts of King's Landing, killing Tommen in the process, and becoming the Mad Queen. Just as he had to with the Mad King, Jaime stabs Cersei, sacrificing someone he loves, just like Azor Ahai did.

This would set up the "smoke and salt," as the Sept burns around them. The salt could refer to Blackwater Bay, or to Jaime's tears as he holds his dying love.


Of course Jaime won't be literally born there, but perhaps reborn as Azor Ahai. Metaphorical-like.

The "bleeding star" could refer to the seven-pointed star in the Sept...


And if Lightbringer needs to be a Valyrian steel sword, Widow's Wail is not far away.


Wouldn't it be fitting if Cersei was killed by Joffrey's sword, especially since it's so aptly named?

"But what about the blood of the dragon?" you ask. Well, maybe the prophecy means literal blood.


Jaime did stab a Targaryen, after all. Would it be so much of a stretch to say he's the blood of a dragon, considering he made one bleed?

It would be a hell of a way to finish up Jaime's character arc, considering how he started off the series as a right bastard.

  1. Who do you think is the real Prince That Was Promised?

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Who do you think is the real Prince That Was Promised?
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    It's obviously Samwell Tarly
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    It'd better be Arya, tbh
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    I don't even watch this show, I'm here for the comments

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