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    This "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theory Blames Bran For Everything

    Did Bran start this whole mess, before he even climbed that tower?

    This week's episode of Game of Thrones gave us just a ~slight~ tease of the Tower of Joy.


    Wherein we saw a young Ned Stark take on Ser Arthur Dayne, one of the greatest swordsmen Westeros has ever seen.

    Although we didn't get to see the rest of Ned's day, we did get this very interesting moment, when Bran seemed to be able to speak to his father in the past.


    Bran called out for his father, and young Ned ACTUALLY TURNED AROUND.

    In the trailer for Season 6, we saw a brief clip of Bran, standing up, confronting the Night's King...who actually REACHES OUT AND TOUCHES BRAN'S ARM.


    Since Bran is standing, this is clearly a vision of some kind. If this takes place in the past, this definitely supports the theory that Bran can interact, even physically, with the past.

    This has brought up an interesting theory: What if Bran is the cause of the Mad King's madness?


    Redditor NegativeKarmaSniifer came up with this theory:

    From S6E3, Bran realizes that others can hear him during the visions from the past, but doesn't understand that they cannot fully understand him.

    He attempts to reason with King Aerys when shown a vision of him.

    The King only hears whispers, and is driven mad by it.

    Bran tries to fix this, however makes it worse.

    Mad King Aerys burns Bran's grandfather alive while Bran frantically tries to stop him.

    All he hears is whispers.

    Bran sets the events of the show in motion.

    Of course, Bran sort of already set things in motion when he climbed the tower (when his mother specifically told him NOT to).


    But if Bran's meddling in the past drove the Mad King mad, he could have created a time paradox.


    Are things as they are because Bran whispered to his father and King Aerys? Would Bran even be where he is if the events hadn't already happened?

    Try not to think too hard about it, or your brain will hurt.

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