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Posted on Oct 28, 2017

This Fan Theory About "The Good Place" Has Me Shook

Spoiler for The Good Place ahead!

Hopefully you've been watching The Good Place, because it's one of the funniest shows on TV right now.

I also hope you've been watching because I'm about to drop some SPOILERS in here.

As we learned in the Season 1 finale, the gang is actually stuck in the Bad Place, with Michael attempting to torture them through new, experimental means.


But Redditor littletoyboat has a theory that'll out-twist the twist: What if they've all actually been in the Good Place all along, and not even Michael knows it?


The theory is that a Good Place where everything is actually perfect would be too boring, so the architects had to spice things up a little.


"The Good Place can't just be perfect, mind-blowing bliss all the time," the Reddit theory explains. "That'd get boring, and would thus inherently not be perfect. Instead, the people have to be challenged to continually learn and grow. This is as much for Michael's sake as the rest of the characters."

The theory makes sense: The real Good Place might want to help people who maybe weren't that good to improve in their afterlife.


As for Michael, perhaps the Good Place is conducting an experiment to see if demons can be rehabilitated?

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