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    This Disneyland Animatronic Looks Like Real-Life CGI And My Mind Is Blown

    I can't tell if this is amazing or terrifying.

    If you've been around since the '80s or '90s, you probably think that all animatronics look a bit like this:

    Ya know, kinda clanky with jerky movements, like on the Small World ride.

    Loren Javier / Via Flickr: lorenjavier

    So when I tell you that this is a new animatronic Belle being made for Tokyo Disneyland, your mind might be blown:

    Tokyo Disney Resort / Via

    Like, honestly I didn't believe it was an animatronic until I saw this GIF:

    Tokyo Disney Resort / Via

    SERIOUSLY. It looks like CGI but it's actually a robot! LOOK AT IT.

    Tokyo Disney Resort / Via

    Many are reacting in awe to this technological achievement.

    @thedlpgeek The clip of the Belle animatronic walking with the lamp is mind-blowing. I sat up in my seat for that. It's the first time an animatronic has literally looked like the character come to life.

    Others, like my coworkers, are just plain freaked out by the uncanny valley it creates:


    I mean, every time you see a robot that lifelike, you gotta wonder...

    I showed @ChrisLSound the video with the animatronic Belle for Tokyo’s Disney attraction, and he said “I for one welcome our robot princess overlords”

    Sadly for those in the rest of the world, this ride is currently only slated for Tokyo Disneyland, with a 2020 opening date. Check out the preview video for more details on the project:

    View this video on YouTube

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