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This "Aladdin" Fan Theory Answers So Many Questions I Have About The Cave Of Wonders

The Cave of Wonders is just a little less mysterious now.

So, obviously Aladdin is both one of Disney's greatest animated movies and a '90s classic.

It's also the subject of a bunch of fan theories, including the one that claims the movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

But a new fan theory answers a whole new set of questions, like, "Who created the Cave of Wonders?"

The theory, posited by greenfingers559 on Reddit, suggests that it was the lamp's previous owner who created the cave.

Here's where Aladdin fans started to split on the theory: Did this lamp-holder create the cave to ~welcome~ a future user, or to keep everyone out?

On the one hand, only the "Diamond in the Rough" could even enter the cave at all, so maybe the lamp-holder came from a similar background as Aladdin and wanted another "street rat" to inherit the lamp.

On the other hand, the entire cave collapses if you try to grab anything other than the lamp, so maybe the lamp-holder just wanted to keep EVERYONE out.