16 Things Only “Dragon Ball Z” Fans Will Understand

Waiting like a MONTH for Goku to launch that damn spirit bomb.

1. Rushing to get home after school so you could catch the new episode on Toonami.

Cartoon Network

2. Arguing with your friends about who was better: Goku or Vegeta.


3. Arguing with your friends about which other fictional characters Goku could beat.

Superman? The Hulk? GOD?!?!

4. Laughing at Frieza’s voice and appearance but then being like, “Oh shit this guy’s for real.”


Straight-up murdered Krillin. Cold.

5. And then having your mind blown when Future Trunks just sliced him in half with zero effort.


6. Desperately trying to get your hands on some badly subtitled Japanese VHS tapes of DBZ movies that wouldn’t hit America for another couple years.

7. Waiting like a damn MONTH for Goku to launch that spirit bomb on Namek…


8. …and then being super annoyed when it didn’t even work.


“I waited two weeks for THIS?!”

9. Flipping the fuck out when Goku finally, FINALLY went Super Saiyan.


10. Flipping out again when Gohan hit Super Saiyan 2.


11. Trying to go Super Saiyan yourself when nobody was around.

12. Wanting to dress as Goku or Vegeta for Halloween but knowing you’d never get the hair right.

13. Wishing you could train in 100 times Earth’s gravity and get really strong.


14. Imagining what you’d wish for if you got all seven Dragon Balls.


(Probably to be as strong as Goku.)

15. Getting really excited when they announced a live-action movie, then seeing the end product and being like, “WTF is this shit.”

20th Century Fox

16. And, of course, trying this with your best friend at least once.


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