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    23 Things That Don't Exist In "The Last Of Us" Because The Outbreak Started In 2003

    Yes, living through a world-shattering pandemic that turns people into fungus-controlled monsters would suck, but imagine ALSO never seeing Shrek 2.

    If you've been watching The Last of Us, you know that the show follows the survivors of a nearly world-ending pandemic that turns humans into fungus-controlled "Clickers."

    You might also know that the show — which is based on a bestselling video game — made a slight change from the source material: Namely, it's set about 10 years earlier, which means that in the show, the deadly pandemic starts in 2003.

    That means that poor souls like Ellie and Joel not only have to deal with hordes of Runners, Clickers, and other Infected, but they ALSO missed out on everything that happened post-2003. Here are some of the things that don't exist in The Last of Us's universe:

    1. Shrek 2

    2. Facebook

    facebook website

    3. And Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok, for that matter

    phone apps

    4. All of Rihanna's music

    closeup of rihanna

    5. Taylor Swift's entire career, too

    closeup of taylor

    6. Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch

    7. The Office (the American version, anyway)

    8. The entire National Treasure franchise

    characters in the movie with a lit torch

    9. Jonah Hill's whole film career.

    closeup of jonah

    10. Lost

    closeup of two dirty characters

    11. "Mr. Brightside"

    12. Hannah Montana

    closeup of hannah montana

    13. "UwU"

    14. Anchorman quotes

    15. Game of Thrones

    16. Grey's Anatomy

    17. iPhones

    man holding an iphone

    18. Napoleon Dynamite

    two teens in a hallway

    19. Ashley Simpson lip-syncing on SNL

    20. "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"

    21. The entire MCU

    22. Every single YouTube video, ever

    23. The Kardashians

    younger kardashians in a store