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14 Reasons Huskies Are The Best, Weirdest Dogs In The World

Best. Dogs. Ever.

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1. Let's face it: Huskies are different.

3. Try to dress them up, and they'll express their complaints with just a look.

4. But you can pretty much always make them happy with snow.

5. Sometimes they're the most majestic dogs in the world...

Instagram: @john_

6. ...other times, not so much.

7. They're totally not clingy.

8. They're not the LEAST bit dramatic.

Instagram: @huskynamedblu

9. And shedding is NEVER a problem. Nope.

10. (Just try to avoid giving them too close a haircut).

11. They have their own ways of getting comfortable.

12. Probably because they seem to think they're smaller than they are.

13. But there's always some lap room available for them.

14. Because how could you not love these little (big) goofballs?

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