19 Times Tumblr Had Hilarious Questions For British People

    What the damn hell is a chip butty?!

    1. First off, why do y'all like U so much?

    2. Why y'all always talkin' about cereal?

    3. Why don't your documentaries have more jump cuts and guitar riffs?

    4. And why are your reality shows so civil?

    5. WHAT is up with the "heyytchh?"

    6. Why do ya say such weird things during sex?

    7. Why y'all talk so weird in general?

    8. Why ain't you drinking more hot tea?

    9. What's up with your hot dogs?

    10. Do y'all know what heat actually is?

    11. What do all these words mean?

    12. Seriously though what?

    13. Which one is Prince Harry?

    14. Why'd you stop using our accent?

    15. Why no screens?!

    16. The hell is the British Lawn Mower Racing Association and do we have an American one? Because I bet dollars to donuts you got that from us.

    17. Do y'all really do this to your toast?

    18. What the damn hell is a chip butty?! What is with you people?

    19. Thanks for Harry Potter, though.