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There Was A Hidden Detail In The "Game Of Thrones" Opening Credits That Explains Everything

Yep. Winter is here.

If you watched the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, you know that the Hound saw something ~interesting~ in the fire.


Yep, he said he saw the army of the dead just walking AROUND the gigantic wall that was built for the sole purpose of keeping them out.

That left a lot of fans confused: If the White Walkers could've just gone around the Wall, why didn't they do it a long time ago?


The answer might lie in the opening credits, of all places. Here's a shot of the Wall from Season 6, Episode 1:


And here's a shot from the Season 7 premiere. Notice anything different?


That's right: The entire sea is FREEZING OVER!

HBO / Via

This comparison from Redditor RohitMSasi points it out nicely.

So that means that the huge army of wights really could just — you know — walk around the Wall.


*Sweats nervously*


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