Hilarious Comics Only Socially Awkward Introverts Will Understand

    Saying goodbye to someone and then walking in the same direction as them. *shudders*

    Everyone who is socially awkward knows the struggles it can present in everyday life.

    This hilarious artist has a series of comics featuring a socially awkward bee that perfectly captures those struggles.

    Like when you can't answer a simple question and then you want to die.

    Or when you're too shy to tell the hair stylist you don't like the haircut.

    Or when you have to practice what you're going to say and it still comes out wrong.

    Or when you say a big goodbye to someone but you end up walking in the same direction.

    Sometimes you try to be nice and hold the door, only to find you have made a terrible error.

    Perhaps you're the person who always falls behind somehow when walking with friends.

    Or you start to tell a story but realize halfway through that it's totally not worth telling.

    Or maybe you've shown a funny video to someone and they don't laugh at all, which is basically the worst thing that can ever happen.

    Just know that there are others out there who totally get you.

    Check out the artist's Tumblr for more hilarious comics!