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    There's A Sexy Pennywise Costume Now, Just In Case You Thought We Got Out Of 2017 Unscathed

    If you're looking for a truly weird "sexy" costume, this one is It.

    Though a lot of you haven't seen It yet, you probably still know know about Pennywise since he's a dancing meme and a gay icon who's dating the Babadook.

    New Line Cinema

    Plus, people are talking about how they think Bill Skarsgård is super hot.

    i just spent the last 20 mins spamming my friends with gifs of bill skarsgård i'm not even sorry #BillSkarsgard

    Well, things are about to become even more sexually confusing, because Yandy has come out with its own "sexy" Pennywise costume. Are you ready for this?

    Of course, since off-brand Halloween costumes always have hilarious names, this one is called "Dancing Sewer Clown."

    The $99 costume includes the dress, neck piece, and belt, but you'll have to get your own wig, pantyhose, shoes, gloves, makeup, and balloon to complete this particular look.

    Just be prepared for anyone who's scared of clowns to be like, "bye."


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