You Need To See This Ice Hotel's "Game Of Thrones" Rooms

    All men must freeze.

    The North in Game of Thrones probably isn't a place you'd want to visit. It's very cold and there are ice zombies.

    HOWEVER, this GoT-themed ice hotel in Finland is a place that you're most definitely going to want to visit.

    Lapland Hotels Snowvillage in Finland has teamed up with HBO Nordic to provide rooms and sculptures inspired by Game of Thrones. You can have a White Walker overlooking your bed...

    ...Stroll by the Hall of Faces...

    ...Or check out a map of Westeros.

    Of course, the hotel has plenty of non-GoT rooms as well, like this cool clock-themed one:

    Travelers can book a room (including the White Walker suite or a suite with a Stark sigil snow sculpture), or they can stay elsewhere and just visit to see some of the ice art.

    Check out the Lapland Hotels website for more info. Don't forget to bring your dragonglass!