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    17 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Language

    ESPECIALLY English.

    1. First off, English is basically the Wild West of language.

    2. But let's not forget Spanish, which has words that are way too close in spelling given how different their meanings are.

    3. Of course, English has words that are basically spelled the same but pronounced completely differently.

    4. And then there are words that are literally the exact same but different. WTF.

    5. Science has a language of its own, and it's confusing too.

    6. Sometimes people just mess with you on purpose.

    7. This is just crazy.

    8. Emphasis can be everything, which is tough for foreign speakers.

    9. And a simple adverb can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

    10. Let's not even talk about bologna.

    11. TOO MANY "THAT"S.

    12. Visual puns are tough to grasp.

    13. English speakers know that life is simpler without gender pronouns for inanimate objects.

    14. Which explains why French can even be cause for alarm.

    15. Germans ACTUALLY SAY THIS.

    16. And let us not talk about contractions.

    17. Oh, and don't forget: There are always exciting new words out there for you to learn.