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    Everybody's Emotional After THAT Drogon Scene In The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

    And the Screen Actor's Guild award goes to...Drogon!

    If you haven't seen the finale of Game of Thrones...well, you probably shouldn't be on the internet right now. But just in case, this post contains spoilers!


    The Game of Thrones finale had a major shocker in store, as Jon stabbed Dany and SERIOUSLY pissed off Drogon. I didn't even know a dragon could look that mad.


    But seeing the way Drogon reacted to his mother's death had people feeling some feelings, for sure.

    You have to wonder how aware Drogon was of the situation...did he know, in his own way, that the throne was kind of to blame? Or was he just mad and wanted to burn something?

    OK I’m an hour behind but: Did Drogon the Dragon think the sharp chair killed his mom?

    Or, did he see a stabbing and a chair made of swords and...nah, probably not that.

    When you think about it, here's a creature who lost both of his brothers, and then his mom, in the course of maybe a month, all because of some political B.S.

    Drogon didn’t kill Jon because he didn’t blame him for killing Daenerys, he blamed the iron throne. Drogon knew that the iron throne killed his mother, Drogon finished his mother’s wishes and broke the wheel! this scene was heartbreaking😣 #GameOfThrones

    But like, dragons are pretty smart I guess?

    Have to confess I'm a little surprised Drogon can understand a complicated sociological metaphor but not a simple who-dun-it.

    Anyway, people were getting some Mufasa vibes.

    Drogon when he saw dead Dany #GameOfThrones

    There's a lot of nostalgia going around.

    Daenerys and Drogon's first and last moments together #GameOfThrones

    TBH, Jon got off easy.

    Jon when drogon rolled thru #GameOfThrones

    I hope our boy is doing OK out there, somewhere.


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