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    Holy Moly, Look At The Original Lyrics For Smash Mouth's "All Star"

    Some BODY once told me that Smash Mouth almost had a different line in the chorus of "All Star" and now my mind is blown.

    OK, so we know the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth, right?

    It was once just a song, but now it is a meme.

    Here's a bunch of Disney characters singing it, one word at a time.

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    WELL. As it turns out, the chorus of "All Star" almost had a very different lyric:

    #TBThursday #tbt Original "All Star" Lyrics by: @GregCampMusic

    First off, the original lyrics had everything all mixed around:

    Twitter: @smashmouth

    Can you imagine if the chorus started with, "Hey now, get your game on," instead of, "Hey now, you're an all star?" Insanity. Insanity, I tell you.

    But more importantly, LOOK AT THE LAST LINE OF THE CHORUS:

    The lyric was almost, "Wave bye bye to your soul." Which is creepy, right?


    It's a far cry from an aspirational lyric like "only shooting stars break the mold."

    This begs the question: Is Smash Mouth actually the Devil in disguise, here on Earth to steal our immortal souls?

    No, it's probably just a commentary on selling out for fame or something.


    Then again, it did lead to this so who knows?

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