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    This Week's "Simpsons" Couch Gag Is Disney-Style And It's Amazing

    It's pretty magical, tbh.

    The couch gags on The Simpsons have become so complex over the years that they're a reason to tune in on their own.

    This week, The Simpsons brought in legendary Disney animator Eric Goldberg head up the couch gag, and it's pretty magical:

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    Goldberg was the lead animator for the Genie in Aladdin, as well as for Phil in Disney's Hercules.

    The gag starts out old-school, with Maggie dancing around Steamboat Willie-style.

    Lisa gets a pumpkin carriage and her own Cinderella dress.

    Marge has a Snow White vibe going, sweeping with her vacuum while Santa's Little Helper does the dishes.

    Homer's in there as a Baloo-like bear that really does look exactly like Homer.

    And Bart channels a little bit of Yen Sid, zapping the family back to their reality.

    It's a treat for anyone who nerds out over Disney animation. Genie approves!

    The couch gag (and the rest of the episode) will air this Sunday, April 24 at 8/7c on Fox.