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The Definitive Ranking Of "Animaniacs" Cartoons, From Worst To Best

Nobody likes the Hip Hippos.

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14. Katie Kaboom

Warner Bros. Television

Here's a premise that might seem funny to adults — a teenager who turns into a literal monster when something upsets her — but as a kid it just didn't ring true. And in retrospect, it's maybe a little sexist.

13. Minerva Mink

Warner Bros. Television

Minerva Mink only had a couple of solo episodes, and while her Pepé Le Pew–like antics were sometimes entertaining, a quick google search of her name and the accompanying furry porn that pops up is all you need to know that this character was not a good idea.

12. Buttons and Mindy

Warner Bros. Television

It's not that Buttons and Mindy wasn't good in a classic cartoon sort of way, it's just that it was always SO FRUSTRATING. Buttons did everything to keep Mindy from dying horrible deaths, and Mindy's mom always yelled at Buttons. Honestly, he should have just let Mindy walk into traffic just once.

8. Slappy Squirrel

Warner Bros. Television

Slappy always represented old-school comedy in a way, as proven by her riff on the classic "Who's On First" bit. Skippy could be annoying, but Slappy made it all worth it.

7. Goodfeathers

Warner Bros. Television

You probably didn't understand the reference as a kid, but that didn't matter. "Goodfeathers" had a pigeon Joe Pesci with a short temper and that's really all you need.

6. Chicken Boo

Warner Bros. Television

The premise of this segment was so simple, yet so absurd. For some reason, it was never not funny to see people fall for Chicken Boo's disguises. Plus, this one had a great theme song.

5. Wheel of Morality

Warner Bros. Television

They were always short, but the "Wheel of Morality" was almost always comedy gold. Case in point, the above quote, which is way too true as an adult.

4. Rita and Runt

Warner Bros. Television

Bernadette Peters as a singing alley cat? Yes, please and thank you. Also, "Les Miseranimals" is one of the best Animaniacs cartoons ever made, assuming you're a musical theater nerd.

3. Good Idea / Bad Idea

Warner Bros. Television

It didn't really matter that these were only a few seconds long. The sight gags were second to none, and having Tom Bodett as the narrator made the segment even better.

2. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot

Warner Bros. Television

They were the stars of the show, so just by sheer volume it's inevitable that they would be near the top of the list. But the best thing about Yakko, Wakko, and Dot is that they were always the ones to sneak jokes past the censors, like this one.

1. Pinky and the Brain

Warner Bros. Television

There's a reason these guys got their own spin-off. You watched Animaniacs every day no matter what, but you always hoped that there would be a "Pinky & the Brain" segment.

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