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    17 Posts That Prove Gen Z Are The Funniest Generation Of All

    Gen Z is the best generation, and I say that as a Millennial.

    1. This comment:

    2. This suggestion:

    3. This summary:

    4. These school projects:

    5. This generational difference, explained:

    6. This horror movie idea:

    7. This Google Maps location:

    8. This classroom debate:

    9. This video:

    10. This bumper sticker:

    11. The entire Urban Dictionary entry for "pineaples":

    12. This auction listing:

    13. This idea that Gen Z and Millennials can share:

    14. This generational divide:

    15. This zen interaction:

    16. This handy reversal tool:

    17. And finally, this Starbucks order: