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OK, Tell Us What You Really Thought Of "The Kissing Booth" On Netflix

Time to get real: Is Noah Flynn sweet or absolutely terrible?

OK, so this movie called The Kissing Booth came out on Netflix in May, and people are talking.

The reactions are super mixed. People either love it...

If you haven’t watched The Kissing Booth on Netflix PLEASE DO 12/10 so freaking cute

...Or HATE it.

Wow the Kissing Booth is complete and total trash. I'm honestly in physical pain from cringing so much. I could write a whole thread on how problematic it is but not gonna waste any more time on this smh 😫

Or, they cringed the whole way through but can't stop watching.

The Kissing Booth is the cheesiest, most cringe worthy movie I've ever seen.. but here I am watching it for the 8th time.

So what did you think of the movie? Answer the polls below and let's settle this.