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    12 Things Nobody Should Ever Put On Their Car, And 7 Things They Absolutely Should

    These go way beyond bumper stickers.

    1. You should definitely put this on your rear windshield:

    It's just so friendly!

    2. I wouldn't recommend this many nipple references on your car, though:

    3. Nor would I recommend this particular bumper sticker:

    4. This license plate–tongue combo is super cute:

    5. And so are these custom buttons:

    6. But — speaking of ludicrous speed — this tailgate paint job might be too much:

    7. I approve of this slightly self-deprecating window sticker:

    It's cheeky! It's fun!

    A decal on a Nissan Cube that says you just got passed by a toaster

    8. However, this one — regardless of how funny it may be — is not recommended. Because, ya know, safety:

    9. I also wouldn't recommend using a bunch of screaming rubber chickens as a bumper protector:

    10. Pretty sure this car covered in dolls is also a safety hazard:

    11. And please, don't cover your car in — shudder — dentures:

    12. Maybe just go for a punny bumper sticker instead that plays off your car's model name:

    13. Personally, I'm a fan of this one:

    14. While I love a cartoon reference, this paint job is a little loud:

    15. And this one is...well, I feel like you're just saying a lot about yourself here:

    16. Speaking of saying a lot about yourself, the owner of the car would love for you to think that they have a lot of sex, which means they probably don't:

    I mean............ick:

    A zoom in on the same car's decals that say thinks like "Jesus is my copilot and we're cruising for pussy!"

    17. No comment here:

    A pickup truck with huge lifted wheels and tons of pro-Trump flags and stickers that say things like "2020 the sequel make the liberals cry again"

    18. Two more to wrap things up...I wholeheartedly support this car with the world's tiniest spoiler:

    19. But oh my god, please do not do this to avoid wearing your seatbelt: