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Tumblr Calculated How Old Thor And Loki Are In Human Terms, And It Explains So Much

This explains so much about both of them.

So, Tumblr always has some pretty insightful analysis about Thor. Like that time people realized he was actually the "different" sibling:

But recently, Tumblr discovered Thor's age in human years, and I'm officially shook. Like, you know how dogs are like 40 in human years when they're only about 6 years old? Asgardians are the opposite since they're old AF.

As it turns out, Thor is just a little over 23 years old in human years. Just 23! A year or two out of college! Living in an apartment with roommates! Losing an eye! Watching his entire family and homeworld die!

But like, doesn't 23 kinda suck for everyone?

But IT GETS BETTER. Loki is Thor's younger brother, right? So how old is he?

SIXTEEN! That explains...a lot.

So the next time these two are being super dramatic, just remember that they're really a couple of kids tryin' to make it in this weird universe.