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How Many Times Do You Say "Chugga" Before "Choo Choo"?

Let's face it, this is what the internet was invented for.

Hello everyone. We have something VERY IMPORTANT to discuss. It's about choo-choos.

In the "Too Afraid To Ask" community of Reddit, user baption0 had a harrowing tale to tell about their kid's preschool teacher.

You see, when making a train sound to the kids, this preschool teacher only says ONE "chugga" before saying "choo choo." ONE. CHUGGA.

So that raised the question: How many "chuggas" should you ACTUALLY say before "choo choo?" Some of the most upvoted comments on the Reddit thread indicate that eight is the correct answer.

I admire the commitment to eight chuggas, and with small children, this is probably the correct answer. However eight chuggas takes time, and we've all got places to be, ya know? So personally, I think four is the optimal number of chuggas.

However, if you're using this particular onomatopoeia in a title, like in the case of this book by Kevin Lewis, two chuggas is good for the sake of brevity.

People even got into the music theory and mathematics of it, suggesting that as long as the chuggas are at least two and are doubled with each increase up to 32, that is an acceptable number of chuggas.

But one chugga? ONE chugga? A single, solitary chugga? That is unacceptable. We can't just choo-choo all willy-nilly. The train would go nowhere if it was all choos and no chuggas.

Please help settle this very important debate, as I am certain that finding the answer to this question is why the internet exists. Thank you.