This Artist Drew One Movie Quote Every Day For A Year

    Artist Ian Simmons drew one movie quote for each day of the past year, and they're all amazing.

    For the past year, artist Ian Simmons has been drawing one movie quote every single day.

    The end result is this incredible gallery of 365 famous movie quotes, written out in beautiful typography with accompanying sketches.

    The collection covers tons of cult classics like Office Space...

    ...or Pulp Fiction.

    But it also includes plenty of big blockbusters like Star Wars...

    ...or Lord of the Rings.

    Some, like this one from The Goonies, focus more on the text...

    ...while others take a simple quote and give it an iconic image.

    Simmons even remembered to spell "Felisha" the right way (that's right, the meme is incorrect).

    A lot of them are packed with nostalgia, like this one from Aladdin.

    You can bet there's plenty of Pixar stuff, too.

    (And Harry Potter, of course.)

    Simmons made sure to include this wonderful quote in memory of Gene Wilder.

    And of course he finished up the collection with this one from The Truman Show.

    Oh, and Simmons has 96 of the most popular pieces for sale on his Etsy store, if you're a movie buff who needs these for your wall.