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This One Sentence Written By J.K. Rowling Will Horrify You

Wizards are gross.

As you well know, J.K. Rowling has been consistently providing new and illuminating writing about the Harry Potter universe on Pottermore.

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But there's one piece of writing on the site that's so shocking, it'll change how you see the wizarding world.

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I'm talking, of course, about wizard poop.

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Just look at this actual excerpt from Rowling's entry about the Chamber of Secrets:

Yes, you read that right: Before modern plumbing, wizards would just SHIT THEIR OWN PANTS and make it disappear with magic.

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This raises a lot of questions, especially since that seems like pretty advanced magic for kids to be using.

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Did everyone who was unable to clean themselves up need an adult to do it for them? What about Squibs?

In any case, this is now canon and we have to accept it.

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Wizards used to poop their pants. The end.

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