Everyone Is Still Losing It Over Lyanna Mormont's Speech

    People are still freaking out about Lyanna Mormont, and rightfully so.

    A lot of stuff happened on Game of Thrones this week.

    But people are really going nuts over one incredible moment: THIS GOOSEBUMP-INDUCING SPEECH FROM LYANNA MORMONT.

    We already knew Lyanna Mormont was amazing, but this just sealed the deal.

    Lyanna Mormont tho #GameofThrones

    We haven't forgotten her icy stare from the Battle of the Bastards.

    But this speech was NEXT LEVEL.

    Everyone shut up, Lyanna Mormont is talking! #GameofThrones


    She's clearly the breakout star of this season.

    #LyannaMormont is my absolute favorite. Put her on the Iron Throne! #GameOfThronesFinale @BellaaRamsey


    In fact, people are already hoping for a spin-off.

    #GoTFinale #LyannaMormont is my absolute fave. Seriously, just give her her own show now please @HBO?


    WOULD 100% WATCH.

    Can we get a #GOT spin-off starring Lyanna Mormont as “Lady of Bear Island, Attorney at Law”? Would watch.

    She's basically a feminist icon now.

    Lady Lyanna Mormont. Shutting down patriarchy one scene at a time. 👸🏻 #GameofThrones

    Just goals. Goals everywhere.

    LifeGoals - to raise a daughter with the courage and strength of Lyanna Mormont #GameofThrones

    If we don't get a spin-off, can we at least get an action figure?

    I need a Lyanna Mormont action figure immediately. #GoTFinale #LyannaMormont2016


    It was so fitting that lyanna mormont the girl his mother was named after was the first to declare jon king in the north. 😭❤ #GameofThrones

    Pretty convinced that Lyanna Mormont can solve any and all problems.

    Now I've watched Game of Thrones, I think I know who we should draft in to fix Brexit