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    Having Problems And Need Advice? I Have Zero Qualifications But I'll Tell You What To Do Anyway

    I have absolutely no qualifications but I'll still tell you what to do.

    Hi. Do you have a problem in your life that you're trying to figure out?

    Maybe there's an annoying co-worker at your job who you're trying to deal with politely, but you can't figure it out?


    Or maybe your significant other is doing something that has you strongly considering a breakup, but you just can't decide if it's a dealbreaker or not?

    Atlantic Records

    Or maybe you have a family member or in-laws who are making your life hell?


    Never fear! I'm starting a new advice column here on BuzzFeed Dot Com The Website, despite the fact that I have ZERO qualifications or experience in helping people with their problems! None!


    Seriously though, tell me your problems about ANYTHING you need advice about, no matter how small, and I will choose a few submissions to respond to and give the best advice I can. If I'm stumped, I will include other BuzzFeed writers β€” who also have no qualifications for this β€” and we will tag-team your issues.

    This will be me! You'll be Charlie Brown.


    Feel free to leave a comment below, or email at if you want a little more privacy. Or, you can DM me on Twitter. Just let me know what name you'd like to use if you want to stay anonymous!

    That's it! Let me help you. Don't let this be you: