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14 Times "Scrubs" Made You Cry Out Of Nowhere

Because you never knew when this show was going to make you sob.

1. When Dr. Cox hadn't quite accepted that Ben was gone.

2. And then you found out where he was, and his face just said everything.

3. When Carla said goodbye to Laverne.

4. When Turk and JD stayed with their patient so he wouldn't die alone.

5. And then George's last thought was a good one.

6. When Dr. Cox revealed something about himself.

7. When JD and Dr. Cox made a beach on the roof for Mrs. Wilk, but she only got to enjoy it for one day.

8. When Dr. Cox lost too many patients in one day and just lost it.

9. And JD had to go see him to get him to come back to the hospital.

10. When JD wasn't ready to let Mrs. Tanner go.

11. When everyone was there for a patient during the musical episode.

12. When Dr. Cox realized why Denise wouldn't stop talking about her son.

13. When JD heard what he had always wanted to hear.

14. And finally, when JD saw his entire future, but it hadn't happened yet.