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    Schools Are Getting Rid Of Analog Clocks Because They're Hard To Read, And TBH I Agree

    Honestly, GOOD RIDDANCE analog clocks!

    POP QUIZ, HOT SHOT: What time is displayed on this clock?

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    If you said "1:49" in less than 5 seconds without second-guessing yourself, then congrats, you probably did better than most current teenagers and you probably grew up using one of these:


    According to the Telegraph, some UK schools are reportedly removing analog clocks and replacing them with digital ones since some students are having trouble telling the time.

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    Now, I know a lot of you born pre-1990ish are sitting there like, "Really?"


    But let's clear one thing up: Analog clocks are the worrrrrrrst.

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    It doesn't matter how many years you've been reading the time off of analog clocks; there's always that split second when you look at it where you're figuring it out like this:

    TV Globo

    But look at this! Numbers laid out sequentially so you can quickly and easily read the time! How convenient!

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    So I cry foul about segments like this one from Jimmy Kimmel Live, wherein kids are quizzed on their analog clock-reading skills.

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    It's 2018! It's the future, man! Why bother making new technology if we don't use it? I bet these kids don't know what a beeper is either, and you know what? GOOD. Beepers were inconvenient at best.

    Now, I'm not saying analog clocks don't have their uses. For example, they still belong in literally every Joanna Gaines home design from Fixer Upper.

    I'm just saying go easy on the Gen Z kids. They were practically born with digital clocks in their hands.


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