You Guys, This Theory Explains Santa Perfectly Using "Harry Potter"

    Santa Claus is a wizard and we have the PROOF.

    OK so a big part of the Christmas narrative is Santa Claus, right? And how he brings presents to every household and whatnot?

    Here's the thing, though: People have done the math, and there's no way Santa could visit every home without bending the very laws of nature.

    Some clever fans in the Harry Potter Reddit community may have figured it out, though: He's a wizard!

    The idea that Santa comes down the chimney? That's just him traveling by Floo Powder.

    And the mystery of how he visits all those millions of houses in one night? He just uses a Time Turner.

    He can fit all those toys in his bag with an extension charm.

    If anybody sees him, he can just Obliviate their memories. That or a Confundus charm might convince parents that they bought the presents themselves.

    Even Rudolph's glowing nose, if Santa really does travel by sleigh, could just be a Lumos spell or even a Patronus guiding the way.

    Yeah, Lumos and Patronuses are usually not red, but Santa is most likely Dutch or Turkish depending on the origin you subscribe to, so who knows? Maybe their spells are different.

    Oh, and those elves he employs to make all the toys? Yep, those are probably house elves.

    There's honestly a ton of proof, which Redditor TheSortingSombrero outlines:

    Somehow, it all makes Christmas even more magical.