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Rose Leslie Humiliated Kit Harington By Making Him Wear A Jon Snow Costume To A Party

"I won't love you if you don't wear it."

Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (aka Ygritte) are engaged, and obviously they're the most adorable couple.

Even when Kit is pranking Rose with a severed head in the fridge, they're still the cutest.

Well, it seems as though Rose may have gotten Kit back for that prank, as she made him go to a costume party dressed as Jon Snow.

As Kit tells it, the theme of the party was "bad taste," so Rose suggested a Jon Snow costume.

Apparently Kit was pretty humiliated, even though he was clearly on theme.

Here's the best part: It wasn't one of the costumes from set or anything — it was the type of costume that comes in a plastic bag at a Halloween store.

Honestly, I'm so glad these two are getting married so that they can prank each other for years to come.