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    17 "Rich Kid Syndrome" Stories That Made My Blood Boil

    "She had a weekly parcel of brand-new bath/hand towels to replace the ones she used in a week."

    A while back, we shared "rich kid syndrome" stories from Reddit. Well, we got a ton of new stories in the comments from the BuzzFeed Community, so here are some of those submissions (along with other stories from these Reddit threads).

    1. The kid who would rather take a connecting flight than fly anything other than first class:

    "My roommate refused to go with his family for spring break since there wasn’t a flight with first-class seats and only business class was available. He ended up taking a connecting flight that did have first class available while the rest of his family just took business on the direct flight."



    2. The kid who figured a million dollars was basically nothing:

    "Back in high school we were doing one of those ice breakers where we passed a beach ball around and whoever caught it had to answer the question their thumb landed on. Well, this kid who had proclaimed being rich numerous times before — talking about his parents owning a known pizza place and how he drives an expensive sports car — caught the ball, and his question was, 'If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?' His response was somewhere along the lines of, 'A million dollars wouldn't make any difference in my life.'"


    3. The kid whose mom tried to delay an EMT:

    "I once had a mom ask if I could open up the back of our ambulance so her kid could see what was inside, since he 'wanted to be a firefighter' (I'm a medic, not a firefighter). I agree as long as he doesn't touch anything. Of course, the second the doors open the kid hops in and goes straight for our expensive monitor. I tell him no, that it's dangerous and could break, to which he starts screaming, 'I don't care. My mom will buy it,' and the mom says, 'It's fine — just let him play with it; if it breaks, I'll replace it.' 

    I had to physically pick him up and carry him out of the ambulance since she didn't even try to control him. While this is happening, we get paged out for a call, and this bitch suggests that she could pay double our hourly wage if we stay for a few more minutes so her little shit could explore/destroy more of our equipment! Fuck outta here with that shit, lady — you're willing to delay an ambulance so you won't have to deal with precious little Joey's tantrum? Unbefuckinglievable."


    4. The kid who literally wished death upon his parents:

    "He was 25 years old when I knew him. His father owned oil fields. He had a credit card that he used for anything and everything, that they paid the balance on every month. He never even kept track of what was charged on it, just bought whatever caught his fancy. He openly and shamelessly admitted that he had offered his college professor money to give him a passing grade.

    One day he was cranky about something and said, 'I wish my parents would just die, so I could have their money. Why should I have to wait?'"



    5. The kid who actually outsourced his school work:

    "I have a kid in my MBA cohort that outsources his homework and projects to India. He bitched and moaned when one of our professors gave him a 'C' when he only showed up to two classes after 'he' [his dad] donated $10,000 to school. Overall nice guy but doesn’t really have a clue."


    6. The person who didn't understand the privilege that unpaid internships require:

    "I had a friend from college who wasn't rich but grew up affluent/upper middle class. She grew up thinking that if something was really important, there's always a way to pay for it, and if you/your parents didn't make the splurge, it means you were being selfish. When I had to turn down an amazing, full-time, unpaid internship in NYC because I couldn't afford the living expenses, she couldn't understand how my parents didn't have the money to help out. Like, she truly thought I was being irresponsible for 'blowing an opportunity' and my parents were just being cheap and selfish. Of course she was able to take hers because her parents paid the full cost of living."


    7. The person who tried to blame the used car:

    "A roommate in college killed her car by not putting oil in it. She gets on the phone and yells and screams at her mom, 'It's your fault that my car died! You bought me a cheap used car! You owe me a new car! A good one this time!' Lo and behold her parents bought her a brand-new custom Lexus."


    8. The person who just cycled through things like they were disposable:

    "My school dormmate had a standing order at Abyss & Habidecor for a weekly parcel of brand-new bath/hand towels to replace the ones she used in a week. She threw away used towels until our housemother talked her into donating them to a school supply for those that forgot to pack their towels.

    To a lesser extent, she did the same with her underwear, certain clothes, and sports stuff. She misplaced two laptops, and both times, she had a replacement couriered to our school the same day. When she later found the missing laptop both times, she gave it away because it was 'too old' for her now.

    She was super nice, though. Always looked out for anyone seemingly in need of a hug or chat."


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    9. The person who figured it was easier to just throw out a Louis Vuitton bag than walk to a car:

    "My brother’s wife is a nice woman, but she grew up wealthy and spoiled. We went to a football game right when the NFL started limiting the size of bags you could bring in. I had my one and only Louis Vuitton purse (I’ve been taking good care of it for 20 years). They weren’t going to let me in with the bag, so I started to walk back to the car to leave it there. SIL asked me why I didn’t just throw it out and buy another one later. She was dead serious."


    10. The person who didn't understand sponges:

    "A kid in college asked me if dish sponges could be used more than once or if they had to be thrown away after the first use."


    11. The kid who called in a bribe for the smallest thing:

    "While working as a house cleaner, I watched a girl bitch and moan to her mom until her mom called the private school to arrange making a donation if they moved assigned seats in classes so the girl could sit beside her friends."



    12. The person who found out about overdraft fees:

    "My husband's friend comes from money and is exceptionally set up for life, while my husband and I are both from immigrant families and grew up in the struggle. One day my husband was shooting the shit and talking about how the bank charged him an overdraft fee by mistake... Well, my husband's friend listened to the story and then said, 'What’s an overdraft fee?' When my husband told him, he replied, 'You mean they charge you more money for not having money?'"


    13. The student who decided LA sushi wasn't good enough:

    "My friend who works at USC told me the story of one of his students who decided for lunch one day she really wanted sushi. So instead of ordering some from where she was, she had her private jet fly from NYC to LA to bring her some sushi from her favorite sushi place in Manhattan."


    14. The person who wildly overestimated how many people fly on private jets:

    "Ex-girlfriend's friend said to me, 'Can you believe there are people who have never been on a private jet??'

    'Uhh, yeah, I'm one of them...'"



    15. The kid who desperately needed a C:

    "I was a teacher at a very exclusive, private high school. I taught 10th grade. At the end of the semester, a kid who had done almost zero work during the semester comes to me BAWLING. Between tears, he begs for extra work so he could get a C instead of a D in the class. He explains that if he got a C, his dad would buy him a new car. With a D, he'd 'only' get a used car."


    16. The person who ran a scummy scam:

    "When I was younger, I knew a guy who would often put everyone's charges on his card at dinner or whatever, and then we'd all pay him back. Totally normal stuff, right? Then I overheard him bragging about how he was turning a profit, since his parents paid for his cards. His father was a VP for Time Warner, and apparently this small grift was 'for fun.'"


    17. And finally, the person who illustrated the point that fines = legal for the rich:

    "I knew a guy who would do anything regardless of the fine/fee/up-charge. For example: No open parking? Doesn't matter — he'll park in the handicap spot or in restricted zones. He used to call the fines a 'poor people tax.' I also recall one time, he lost his laptop charger. Naturally, his parents overnight shipped him a new laptop."


    Hyper RPG / Via

    Do you have any stories of when a rich kid totally baffled you, or just didn't understand what it's like to not have money? Let us know in the comments!

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