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People Are Sharing Their "Rich Kid Syndrome" Stories And I'm Appalled

"They spilled wine on my laptop and said, 'Can't your parents just buy you a new one?'"

A while back, Redditor u/martinkarolev asked the AskReddit community about their "rich kid syndrome" stories (you know, when rich kids act cartoonishly entitled). Here are some of the best stories:

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1. Lexi:

"Girl I went to high school with got a Mercedes for her 16th birthday. Bitched and moaned about the fact that she didn't get a Lexus, because her name was Lexi and she thought it would be 'sooooo cool!' for Lexi to drive a Lexus with a custom license plate saying 'Lexi.'

Her parents did cave and buy her a Lexus for her 17th birthday."


2. The college kid who couldn't survive on $1,000 a week:

"One time a college dorm mate next door was stressing his dad hadn’t yet given him money for the month, and $1,000 wasn’t going to last him for the week.

Meanwhile I’m having to donate plasma to afford my next meal. Life just be like that."


3. The people who casually sent an entire jet back home for BBQ:

"My friend is a commercial pilot and works for a large company that has a 'flight department' consisting of several jets and turboprop airplanes. The owner's kids, and a group of their friends, were granted permission to take one of the jets from the central part of the US to the Bahamas. Upon arriving in the Bahamas they were meeting other friends and getting on a very, very large yacht for a week. They realized the yacht was equipped with fine dining food, not the type of food they liked (junk food). They ordered the pilots to fly back through US Customs and to their hometown in the Midwest. Once there, they had to pick up multiple sides of BBQ ribs, burgers, hot dogs, soda, beer, and piles of other junk food and fly back to the Bahamas — and do so within a timeframe that still allowed them to leave with the yacht on time. It costs roughly $5,000 an hour to operate the jet they were using. And it never even struck the owners as something extreme."


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4. The girl who couldn't get why her dad was on her case all the time:

"Girl at work told me she hated her dad. I asked why. She said he keeps asking for money since she used his credit card for a Euro trip and left him an 80 grand bill from last year."


5. The terrible story of Twin A:

"Twins in high school.

[On their] birthday, I think it was 17, they get matching pickup trucks. Like the suped-up larger than life cool as fuck looking black ones.

Twin A is the brat, and smashes his in some remarkable timeframe, I want to say same day. It was crazy though.

Parents decide not to get him another one (though I'm sure insurance probably covered it even if it was his fault), but regardless he is going to learn a lesson.

The lesson?

Takes Twin B's truck (he's the responsible one) and crash it ON PURPOSE.

If he can't have one, neither can his brother.

So much recklessness, spite, and downright illegal in what he did."


6. The guitar player who was either super generous or super unaware:

"My personal favorite was in college. Kid down the hall from me bought a brand new Fender Stratocaster, played with it for a day, and got bored and sold it to me case and all for $20. I still have it and play it 15 years later. It's a great guitar."


7. The kid with a legit homework excuse:

"My first teaching job was at a private middle school in one of the wealthiest enclaves in the United States. I taught a kid who told me he didn't finish his homework because his helicopter had stalled over the weekend so he couldn't leave his family's island. He was telling the truth."



8. The frat guy who delegated:

"When I was in college a friend who was heavy in the frat life told me about a first-year who got kicked out for having a servant flown to town to do the hazing chores he was supposed to do."


9. The kid who couldn't handle used products:

"There was this rich kid in our class who was literally disgusted by us buying used stuff (like computer parts) on eBay. Once during conversation I said I bought on eBay a memory module for my PC and he said to me that I should have a little dignity, and if I buy used stuff I should keep it to myself."


10. The roommate who decided Fridays don't count:

"My college roommate's mom gave him fucking $1,400 'for the weekend' just randomly. He blew through the whole thing by Saturday and asked his mom for more money, and was screaming at her because 'she promised $1,400 for the weekend' and he spent most of what she gave him on Friday, which isn't a part of the weekend."



11. The rich kid whose dad had enough:

"Funny short story.

My ex-wife used to drive a 1998 Honda Accord. She treated it like shit and so one day I got into it to drive somewhere and I noticed that it was falling apart.

I had two options: junkyard or sell it. So I put it on Craigslist for $250. I thought it could go to a low-income family who had someone with some know-how who could semi-restore it, but when I meet the buyer, he was not who I expected. He pulled up in a brand-new Escalade and told me that his son was spoiled. His son had crashed a BMW, Mercedes, and an Audi and so he was done buying him nice cars. Turns out, this guy purchased my car as a way of torturing his son."


12. The roommate who thought parents were just laptop dispensers:

"My parents bought me a laptop for my 18th birthday. It was absolutely unheard of in my family to receive gifts as expensive or technological. I cried when my mom handed me it. I was meant to be moving away for university and both my mom and dad had saved up 6 months wage between them to afford it for me. We all hugged and cried and it was extremely meaningful and emotional. I went off to university.

I was in the dorms one night when my dorm mate, who was a rich white boy from Long Island, brings back like two drunk girls and another friend. They start drinking and rolling up weed in the dorm, which I was fine with, it was university etc. I go to the bathroom down the hall, and when I get back, one of the drunk girls has opened my laptop and is trying to log in.

I approach her and I'm like, 'Hey that's my laptop, not (roommate's). I don't mind you using it, I guess, but let me just log you in to the guest account.' She goes to move the laptop off her lap toward me, and knocks an open bottle of wine onto it, the entire laptop being flooded with wine.

She goes, 'Oh! sorry!' And I'm like what the fuck, dude? Get a fucking towel! Put it upside down! I'm FREAKING the fuck out!!!!! I can't believe it's happening. My roommate starts telling me to chill the fuck out and asks, 'Can't you just get a new one, dude?'

I start patting down the laptop and I ask them, please, if it doesn't work, can you help me replace it? I need it for my classes, etc. They start laughing at me! Saying, 'Why can't your parents get a new one for you?'

It took two weeks of demanding them to buy me a new one before they reluctantly did as I had to explain to the dorm manager my situation... Luckily he was sympathetic as fuck and helped me arrange for a replacement."


13. The person who thought accessible parking spots are just there for their convenience:

"'It's not illegal for me to park in handicap spaces. It just costs $250 if I get caught. I'd rather not deal with the rain today.'

Said completely honestly. That is what we call 'fuck you' money.

Remember: Punishable by fine = Legal for the rich."



14. The kid who worked a whole month:

"This one is kinda mild, I guess, but goes to show how clueless wealthy kids can be, completely unaware of the disparity between them and average-income people.

Anyway, he picked me up in a new $85,000 sports car one day. The newest Corvette special edition model, fresh off the line. I said, holy shit, dude, your car is incredible. He said he wished everyone knew he had to work a full month with his grandfather and earned it himself."


15. The person who thought car registrations just magically renewed:

"I've posted this before, and I need to say first off the bat that this is about my best friend and she is the best person I know; i.e. not normally 'rich kid' or anything.

I was complaining about how I was short on money one month (just couldn't go out to eat) because I had to pay rent and pay for tag renewal all in the same paycheck. She looked at me, super seriously, and was like, 'Don't worry, they send you those in the mail for free!'

After a long discussion she learned that in fact, her mom had been paying for her new tags every year."


16. The kid who had no frame of reference for wine prices:

"Worked with this kid who was a good kid, but completely disconnected from financial reality for most people. He’d just moved out West from another state and was trying to get on like a 'normal' adult.

He went to buy a new car and was shocked that they couldn’t just bill his dad for it, since they didn’t know him.

He ordered a bottle of wine at a restaurant and the sommelier said, 'Certainly, sir.' Then the sommelier whispered, 'Just for your knowledge, sir, the bottle is $700.'

He looked straight at him and asked, 'Is that a lot?'"


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17. The guy who tried out one of those job thingies:

"I worked at a Starbucks and we hired a new guy, who I was training. At one point, I had to show him how to clean the restrooms. I grab the bleach, and hand him a pair of gloves and he looks at me in disgust and says, 'We don't have a maid to clean the bathrooms??'

He quit the next day lol."


18. And finally, this rich kid who was at least trying to be nice:

"First day as a librarian in a private school. Help a 7-year-old with the printer. He offers to tip me."


Do you have a "rich kid syndrome" story? Let us know in the comments and your story might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post or video!

Some submissions have been edited for length or clarity.

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