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    12 Recipes That Use Girl Scout Cookies In Deliciously Creative Ways

    As if anyone ever actually has "leftover" Girl Scout cookies...

    In case you didn't know, the official Girl Scouts website features a whole bunch of recipes that use their legendary Girl Scout cookies as ingredients. But if you're looking for even more inspiration, here are 12 recipes using Girl Scout cookies that bakers across the internet have come up with!

    1. Thin Mint chocolate cake

    2. Trefoil cookie butter

    3. Girl Scout cookie pops

    4. Toast Yay! fudge

    5. Savannah Smiles (or Lemonades) no-bake cheesecake bars

    6. No-bake strawberry lemon cheesecake parfaits

    7. Samoas truffles

    8. Samoa Girl Scout cookie fudge

    9. Samoa freezer cake

    10. Girl Scout Brookies:

    11. Snowy Thin Mints

    12. Samoa popcorn

    Do you have a go-to recipe that uses Girl Scout cookies (or any other cookie, for that matter)? Let us know in the comments!