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I'm Curious If You Think These Reasons To Break Up With Someone Are Completely Reasonable — Or Unreasonable

TBH, The Ultimatum on Netflix brought up a loooooootta questions.

The latest reality TV show gripping the nation is The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. It's exactly what it sounds like: Couples who aren't engaged yet (because one partner is hesitant) date other people for a month and then decide whether or not to get married. It's WILD.

Nick Lachey telling the contestants on The Ultimatum "You're going  to find out if there are people here who might be a better fit"

The show has people talking about "deal breakers" in relationships, though. When is an issue too big to continue dating someone? At what point would you refuse to get engaged to someone based on a trait or disagreement?

So here are some scenarios (some of which are directly inspired by the show). Imagine you've been with someone for two years, and you have to either get married or break up...tell us in each case if you think you'd marry the person or move on: