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14 Quizzes That Are For Millennials And Millennials Only

All the '90s and '00s nostalgia your Millennial heart desires.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. Instead, it's a list of quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment. Follow the links to take the quizzes that sound fun to you!

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

1. There Are 6 Oddly Specific Types Of Millennials — Which Are You?

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

If you're going to take a bunch of Millennial quizzes, you might as well find out which type of Millennial you are! Take the quiz here.

2. Only Millennials Will Remember These Oddly Specific Classroom Artifacts From The '90s

A calculator from the '90s with a solar battery panel
u/Mea05cer / Via

For anyone who went to school before smartphones. Take the quiz here.

3. Only Millennials Will Be Able To Identify These 20 Weird Videos

A still from the "End of the World" Flash cartoon with the French characters saying "but I am le tired"

If you spent the late '90s and early '00s online, this should be easy. Take the quiz here.

4. This "One Hit Wonder" Quiz Will Be Extremely Hard For Everyone Except Millennials

A still from Natalie Imbruglia's music video for "Torn"
RCA Records / Via

Bonus points if you still remember all the lyrics because you heard these songs every 15 minutes on the radio back in the day. Remember radio? Good times. Take the quiz here.

5. This “Watched It” Or “Skipped It” '90s TV Show Quiz Will Guess If You're A Younger Or Older Millennial

ABC / Warner Archive

Wanna know if you're a younger or older Millennial? All you gotta do is say whether you watched these shows or not. Take the quiz here.

6. Only A Truly Elderly Millennial Can Check 30/30 On This List

Options from this quiz's checklist, including "I downloaded music from Napster" or "I played Oregon Trail at school"
Joanna Borns / BuzzFeed

How old an old Millennial are you, really? Take the quiz here.

7. Anyone Not In Their 20s Or 30s Will Fail This Quiz

A question asking which dance move was not in DJ Casper's "Cha Cha Slide"
Universal Records / BuzzFeed

If you're 19 or 40, you'll fail this Millennial trivia quiz. Those are the rules, I didn't make 'em! Take the quiz here.

8. How Many Of These Millennial Classic Movies Have You Actually Seen?

Stills from "Bring It On" "Legally Blonde" and "Toy Story"
Universal / MGM / Pixar

If you haven't seen Back to the Future, are you even a Millennial? Take the quiz here.

9. There's No Way You'll Know What Any Of This Stuff Is If You Were Born After 1999

A manual window crank from a car that doesn't have power windows
Twitter: @KingJamesofDfs

Remember when you had to crank down your windows? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Take the quiz here.

10. Sorry, If You're Under 20 There's No Way You're Passing This Disney Vs. Nickelodeon Character Quiz

A still of a character from a show that may be either Nickelodeon or Disney
It's A Laugh Productions

Heck, I'm a Millennial and all these shows kinda blend together for me, but maybe you'll do better. Take the quiz here.

11. There Is Literally No Way You're Going To Pass This 2000s Quiz Unless You're A True Millennial

The Brothers Chaps

If you can hear both Strong Bad's voice and the opening theme to Lizzie McGuire in your head, you'll ace this one. Take the quiz here.

12. Sorry Gen Z, But You've Probably Already Failed This '90s Toy Quiz

A set of Tamagotchi toys

It's like unwrapping all your birthday presents from the '90s and '00s all over again. Take the quiz here.

13. If You’ve Done These Things To Impress A Crush, You’re A Millennial


If you ever snuck secret messages to your crush into your AIM profile, you're a Millennial. Take the quiz here.

14. "One Week" By The Barenaked Ladies Is One Of The Hardest Karaoke Songs — Do You Know All The Lyrics?

Reprise Records

You know you're a Millennial when you hear "It's been" and you can't stop yourself from singing. Take the quiz here.

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