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    Oct 21, 2017

    A Company Made A "Prosecco Pong" Set And Twitter Isn't Having It

    "Calm down, that's beer pong."

    Many of us are familiar with the time-honored sporting event that we call beer pong.


    (Some call it Beirut but they are WRONG.)

    But a video from Insider has Twitter talking about a new-but-not-really-so-new game: Prosecco Pong.

    The classiest drinking game you'll ever play. 🍾

    The game set, created by party décor company Talking Tables, comes with 12 plastic champagne glasses and three pink ping-pong balls.

    Naturally, Twitter has thoughts.

    Calm down, that's beer pong

    A lot of people are jokingly calling it the "gentrification" of beer pong.

    @RyanMetters gentrified beer pong?

    Others question the name choice.

    The saddest part of this is that it isn't called Champong. Double L.

    But mostly, people have questions about the $30 price tag for the set.

    lol this should cost < $10, not $30

    Because we've all been to Walmart.

    @thisisinsider I can buy literally all of that plus champagne for half the price.

    Still, there are plenty of people who are excited about the idea.

    @emmaxxmaciaszek @thisisinsider @Cassidy_Barbie @jasmineholt_ OK SO WHEN

    Just keep your elbows BEHIND THE LINE, PLEASE.

    @thisisinsider If someone could tell Tiffany to watch her Elbows, that be great.