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    We Need To Talk About The Hound On "Game Of Thrones"


    In a show like Game of Thrones, where characters often have ambiguous morals, it can be tough to decide who the real hero is.

    Would you say the hero is Jon Snow? Daenerys Targaryen? Maybe Hot Pie is the one true hero?

    No, the true hero of Game of Thrones is the Sandor "The Hound" Clegane.

    First off, he's the only person (on the show, anyway) to say this about Joffrey out loud...

    ...more than once.

    He's the only person badass enough to deliver this line.

    And yet, despite his high level of badassery, he'll still make you laugh.

    Like when he disapproved of Arya's training methods.

    But even though he'd laugh off Arya's sword skills, he was more than willing to help her with her "list"...even though he knew he was on it.

    Honestly, Sandor Clegane has given us many words of wisdom to live by.

    He's intimidating as all hell. Remember when he dropped this burn on Bronn?

    But just when you think he's an outright bastard, he goes and breaks your heart with the story of his disfigurement.

    Or he says something about Arya that makes you think there's a good person underneath that gruff exterior.

    And then that reminds you that these were his last words to Sansa, and maybe you tear up a little for your problematic fave.

    So here's hoping that the true hero of Game of Thrones is still alive and well.