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17 Tumblr Posts You'll Get If You Were Never All That Good At Math

Me in math class: [endless screaming]

1. This person, who asked what we've all thought before:

2. And this person, who actually did it:

3. This very relatable feeling:

4. And the way we've all dealt with it:

5. This very important question:

6. And these ones:

7. This series of events:

8. This photo, which will give you flashbacks:

9. This surprise:

10. This very apt GIF:

11. This attempt at math that might remind you of you:

12. This very relatable pick-up line:

13. This realization that you didn't end up needing most of it:

14. Like, seriously:

15. This little bit of math teacher sass we never asked for:

16. These puns that I just barely understand:

17. And finally, this person who actually DID THE MATH:

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