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    16 Photos You Can Hear Just By Looking At Them, If That Makes Sense

    These pics are loud.

    1. Somehow, this tweet makes you hear Shrek's voice:

    Twitter: @TENDERpbj

    2. And if you stare at this, I bet you can hear the static:

    3. Can you hear the tone when you look at this?

    An old TV test pattern
    u/highonchocolatemilk / Via

    4. Dunno about you, but I definitely hear the "clack, clack, clack" here:

    5. You know this sound:

    6. People who watched a lot of SpongeBob will know this one:

    7. And people who watched Phineas and Ferb know the jingle that goes with this image:

    The exterior of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc building
    Disney Channel

    8. Even if you don't remember what Natalie Dormer's voice sounds like, you can still hear her accent by watching this GIF:


    9. Gamers of the 2000s can hear the little ditty that goes with this:

    Nintendo / Via

    10. And this screen should start some music in your head too:

    The title screen for the first Halo game
    u/Harperlarp / Via

    11. Yep, I just sang this whole thing:

    To the tune of Eleanor Rigby: Dog in a trenchcoat Getting promoted at work but then sheds his disguise Canine surprise

    Twitter: @kestrelpi

    12. You've probably been rickrolled enough times to hear the first few notes that go with this picture:

    The opening shot of the music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley

    13. And you can totally hear the little offset "heat" here:

    OHHHHHHHHH I wanna dance with somebody heat I wanna feel the with somebody

    Twitter: @hmthorne96

    14. Somehow, this makes me hear those scissors gliding:

    yeah sex is cool but what about when you’re cutting wrapping paper and it goes ——— instead of ~~~~~

    Twitter: @femaleredhead

    15. I can hear both the "thwap" and the "rrrrrip":

    16. And finally, I dare you not to sing this one through:

    (to the tune of hallelujah) i heard there was a secret rat who pulled on hair under a hat to cook cuisine so flavorful and gooey it goes like this a veggie dish, a dash of salt with garlic minced, the cooking rat completes his ratatouille

    Twitter: @zachsilberberg

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